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Some of the biggest features of BBEdit include built-in tools for text manipulations, Hard Wrap, customizable syntax coloring support for over two dozen built-in languages, placeholder options for easier site maintenance, multiple files manipulations, complete set of HTML Tools for fast, easy, and correct markup, extensive file handling capabilities, and more. One of the things that is important when choosing a software like a text editor is its longevity. With BBEdit, you can be sure that it will never happen. If you want a powerful text editor for web development which will be there for you for the next decade, definitely give this a try.

UltraEdit UltraEdit is one of the best and most versatile text editors for Mac out there. So reliability is not a concern here. Finally, do note that UltraEdit is not cheap and is one of the costliest text editors out there. However, there is a day free trial which you can use to get a feel for the software before springing up the money. Coda also brings one of the best deeply integrated file system. Coda 2 has recently launched a ton of new features. Now Coda 2 supports touch-bar on MacBook Pros, offers faster syntax highlighting and symbol parsing, indexing of local files, CSS overriding, and more.

However, by far my favorite feature of Coda 2 is built-in WebKit Preview which includes a web inspector, debugger, and profiler. Using the WebKit Preview developers can see the real-time effect as their code changes.


Also, like many other text editors on this list, Coda 2 brings an extensive set of plugins which can be used to further enhance its feature set. Note: Panic, the company behind Coda 2, is creating a new text editor called Nova. Once Nova is officially released, Coda 2 users can seamlessly move to using it. Nova is basically a re-branded Coda 2 with enough new features to justify the brand change. You can sign up to test Nova here. The main features of Visual Studio Code include the ability to highlight syntax for more than 30 different languages, lightning fast source-code editor, keyboard-centric code editing approach , automatic real-time API description, Git control, IntelliSense for smart completions based on variable types, Debugging support, and more.

Visual Studio Code also comes with support for extensions and a big extension library which can be used to not only enhance its features but also customize the interface to suit your workflow. Also, the text editor is completely free to download and use. Textastic is one of the most affordable and user-friendly text editors for Mac that you can find. It is a powerful and fast text, code, and markup editor. Textastic supports syntax highlighting for more than 80 source code and markup languages.

I also love that the text editor allows users to work in multiple tabs making it easier to review or consult your own code. Other features include the ability to quickly find files, print files, use symbol list to quickly navigate in a file, built-in Emmet support and more. It might not be the most powerful text editor for the Mac, however, it is fairly capable. It brings enough project management features to keep most users happy, but is otherwise very lightweight and has a clean and minimalist GUI.

Features of TextMate include the ability to research and replace the code in projects, auto-pairing of brackets and other characters, column selection and typing , recordable macros with no programming requirement, syntax highlighting for multiple languages, and more. TextMate also works with Xcode and can build Xcode projects. One of the best things about TextMate is that it comes with extensive documentation and video library which should easily get users started.

If you want a no-nonsense text editor, TextMate is the one for you. CodeRunner 2 Just like Textastic, CodeRunner 2 is a very affordable text editor which has been specifically designed for Macs. CodeRunner 2 supports a large number of languages and delivers big IDE features while remaining lightweight and clutter-free.

Some of its features include full-blown IDE-level code completion, support for 23 different languages, support for multi-file projects, breakpoints and debugging support, theme support, file and symbol navigator, automatic indentation support, intelligent bracket matching, and more. CodeRunner 2 brings a powerful text-editor in a simple to understand package which is good for beginners and experts alike.

Top 5 Code Editors for Web Developers in 2019

Do note that most of the paid text editors on the list offer a free trial option, so check them out before you settle for one. You can also read about best HTML validators. This is a perfect fit for the experienced web developers because it shows you the code in the same manner you have written it. Before stepping into the textual HTML editor make sure you are a hardcore coder otherwise, you might land up in a dilemma.

What You See Is What You Get editor as the name implies itself that it is an editor that gives you the result exactly the same what you see. Which means while designing the website you know how exactly it will look like after completion. Here at Templatetoaster website builder , I have curated a list of HTML editors according to the platforms they are used on.

Your very own TemplateToaster is there to save you. In this best HTML editor search hunt, you might forget that an outstanding website design software is just a click away from you. Yes, we are talking about web design software that creates a complete website for you without any technical skills. TemplateToaster lets you to design a website without indulging in this code battle. You just sit back and relax! Programming or coding can be really exhausting for a beginner even for a professional at times.

So, why not choose a simple way and do the smart work. It saves you time and efforts. If it satisfies all your needs, then ask for the license key and own it for the lifetime.

There still exist some people who love to code and make their website all by themselves. We appreciate that, and for such people, we will continue with our topic best HTML editors. Well, these were quite a few options to consider. Pick any of your choice and test drive for as long as you want. You can skip the downloading and coding part. Instead, try TemplateToaster web design software and design your website or template with an ease that too without writing even a single line of code and get free html templates.

If you think or know any HTML editor that we might have missed to include in our list and you think deserves a mention, then go ahead and share that with us in the comments section below. Design themes that make your websites stand apart from the rest. TemplateToaster Website Builder.

HTML editor is the essential part of the web development! Benefits of Using HTML Editors When you own a website and you want to share your valuable content with your users then the first thought that happens to comes to the mind must be about how your website should look like. Textual HTML Editor This is a perfect fit for the experienced web developers because it shows you the code in the same manner you have written it. It is an advanced version of previous release Notepad. Also, you got the chance to edit multiple documents in multiple tabs.

A powerful text editor to rock your code, in a workspace that fits your workflow.

Multi-document and multi-tab options. CoffeeCup is fully compatible with both Windows and macOS platforms. Auto-completion of tags as soon as you type them. Built-in Validation tool which allows you to check code for all pages. Split screen view for the live preview of your site.

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  • 5 Best Free HTML Editors for Web Developers on macOS.
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  • It is free. Aptana permits you to put your design under Git source control. The biggest advantage of using this tool is its customizability. It is super helpful in developing web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications as well. It is a free HTML editor. The noteworthy features of Bluefish are auto-completion, auto tag closing for many programming languages, even for nested languages.

    Autosave, multi-project support, and spell check.

    7 of the Best Code Editor Apps for Your Mac - Make Tech Easier

    Strong search and replace. Snippet sidebars. Auto recovery option for sudden data loss like the crash, kill or shut down. Multiple color scheme. Autosave so that you never lose your precious data. Autocomplete option. Options for Macros and Snippets. You can download Sublime Text for free and test it. Whereas, if you want to access the main features of it, then you will have to buy the license key for that. Bookmarks; put your mind at rest and let bookmarks do the work.

    It is a freeware but only for Schools and Home users.

    The 4 Best Free Text Editors

    If you run a big organization or a Company then you are required to buy the license key to run the program. Phase 5 is compatible with Windows only. It has a crisp and clear Menu arrangement. Integrated file management makes the switching between different documents easy. Phase 5 has a tidy interface to work with.

    Design and preview in Espresso, or with the newest browsers. Xray and CSSEdit tools for all. OMG.

    Kompozer is a great option for beginners to create a professional looking website. You are free to customize your toolbar. An integrated in-line spell checker. Kompozer offers you cross-platform compatibility. Integrated file management via FTP. Its full feature version is paid. It is really fast and reliable.