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Dynamic DNS is a third-party option provided by a number of companies.

But here's why that still doesn't help you…

Dynamic DNS is a great little tool for some environments. For larger production environments, it can represent another moving part that can break, but for smaller environments, where mission critical access is not required for the services installed on the server, dynamic DNS is perfectly acceptable. The dynamic DNS service uses an agent running on your network to update the IP address it has on file for your environment. Many routers support using dynamic DNS.

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One such is DynDNS, which has a free client available at http: The first step to setting up dynamic DNS using such a service is to create an account with the company that provides the service. Once the account is created, most services will have an application that runs on the client computers to update the dynamic DNS service. Open the Updater application and log in with the username and password that was created at the site.

When is it useful

Finally, choose the network interface that you wish the site to use e. Once the settings are configured as needed, check that the IP address updates on the website when the address changes. If it does, then you are able to access your servers by name using the DynDNS name selected for the hostname.

As mentioned earlier, a network can be accessible using iCloud.

Three Ways to Remotely Access, Control a Mac | Other World Computing Blog

Most routers ship with this option enabled by default, as it is needed for most gaming consoles and other productive uses of time. Provided that UPnP is enabled, iCloud establishes a tunnel between your two computers through Apple, given that both are constantly in touch with the Apple servers. Here, enter your iCloud information or click on the Create Account button to set up a new iCloud account for free.

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  • Locate the option for Back to My Mac and check the box to enable the service. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

    With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Accessing the Server from Outside the Network. Port Forwarding.

    Using Mac OS X Lion Server by Charles Edge

    Students make use of this to access hefty collections of research data remotely. If you use the feature what do you use it for? This Apple Support article may be of use if you have problems.

    Mac OSX Lion How to do a Clean Install

    One common obstacle to using the feature is that many corporate firewalls may not allow remote connections, or may forbid part of what you want to do: Once this is done the Mac you are sharing should appear as an icon in the sidebar of the Finder window on your notebook next time you go online. This should appear as a Shared volume, though you must be logged into both Macs using the same Apple ID. You may be asked for the account login details for the Mac you are attempting to access. The contents of the remote Mac will be presented as a list of volumes and shared folders on the Mac you are attempting to access.

    It may take a little exploring to find the files you need, but once you manage to track them down you can double-click to access them, or to launch applications remotely.

    Set up and use Back to My Mac

    If your remotely sited devices are correctly setup as above then they should appear as compatible devices in the Utility. However, if you want to share screens for example to help troubleshoot a problem use this guide. There are security considerations when using a service like this, so be sure you employ strong — and different -- passwords at every stage of the process, unless you want your Mac at home to become an open book. Specifically this means ensuring your Apple ID, User, AirPort and Time Capsule all use different passwords from each other and that you choose alphanumeric passwords that also use grammatical and other special symbols for best results.